5 Easy And Fun Ways To Spice Up Your Hair Bun

Eesha Kokane , 15 Nov 2019

Hair buns are like the LBD’s of hairstyles—they never go out of style. For years this classic hairstyle has been adored by both women and men and it looks like it’s not going away anytime soon. Ask any girl and she’ll tell you that her go-to hairstyle when she’s in a hurry is a simple hair bun. In fact, I can attest to the fact that whether I’m going to the gym or if I’m just late to work, my go-to hairstyle is a messy bun. However, sometimes you just crave something exciting and new, right? When you feel like spicing up your usual bun, try out these options next time:

1. Curtain Bangs + Messy Bun

A messy bun is something that is quick, easy and looks chic AF. If you want to spice up this regular ol’ hairstyle then add bangs into the mix. Curtain bangs are super trendy right now and when you pair them up with a messy bun, you’ve got yourself a sophisticated hairstyle.

2. Scrunchie + Donut Bun

This hairstyle will not even take you more than 5 minutes to achieve. All you have to do is tie your hair into a normal bun and throw in a scrunchie. Use a scrunchie that is made with silk or satin, this will instantly glam up your bun.

3. Hair Scarf + Mini Bun

Are you up for a classic ’50s hairstyle? You can make your regular ol’ bun more fun with a polka-dotted hair scarf.

4. Hair Barrettes + Twisted Bun

If your personality is quirky and you’re always looking for things that are eccentric, then you’ll love this hairstyle. Instead of tying your hair into a regular bun, twist it on top of your head and pin it up with a few hair barrettes. It’s quick, easy and quirky!

5. Headband + Sleek Bun

I promise you, this hairstyle won’t take you more than two minutes and it’s perfect for those days when you no time to get ready. All you have to do is tie a sleek bun and put on a fancy embellished headband and you’re done!

Which one of these hair buns are you excited to try out next? Let me know in the comments below.

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