Exclusive: Abhilash Thapliyal Talks About Starring In KTina With Disha Patani

Shravan Shah , 15 Nov 2019
Abhilash Thapliyal and Disha Patani (Source: Instagram | @abhilashthapliyal, @dishapatani)
Abhilash Thapliyal and Disha Patani (Source: Instagram | @abhilashthapliyal, @dishapatani)

It was just a while ago when Ekta Kapoor had shared the news of her next film, KTina starring Disha Patani. The look Ekta had shared was interesting and so was the title. While nothing much of the film was known, came news that the film will also star Abhilash Thapliyal. Abhilash who is a successful radio jockey has already starred in Dil Juunglee with Taapsee Pannu and Saqib Salem.

Now that KTina has come his way, we got in touch with Abhilash who said that the film is based on an interesting concept.

The film is based on an interesting concept. The first time they told me about the film, I had loved the character I was supposed to portray. Then I got a call from Mukesh Chabbra’s office who wanted me to come and audition for the role. I went, auditioned for it and Ashima Chibber loved it. My character Sunil Arora is the reason why everything happens in the film. The story of the film is weaved around his life.

He further revealed that the struggle of the makers was the ageing process of the character, Sunil Arora.

The struggle of the film is that the character is ageing. At the start of the film, he is 20 years old and as the film progresses he turns 40. The makers were a little concerned to showcase my ageing process on-screen as my body frame and face still looks boyish. But the look tests we did were successful and thus the character of a 40-year-old virgin Sunil started to shape up. Thankfully after the make-up, my character doesn’t look spoofish.

He also spoke about the shooting schedule of the film:

We started shooting last month. For the first schedule of the film, we shot in Mohali and Chandigarh. The second will mostly happen somewhere in January. The entire setup of the film is from the North, so are the characters.

It is super fun to listen to Abhilash on the radio and we cannot wait to see this talent house on the 70mm. We are excited and how!

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