We have always loved Richa Chadha for being as real as it gets both on and off-camera. Be it her choice of films, or how she handles trolls, she has done it unabashedly and with all the grace and humour. Hell, she even made it to her own stand-up comedy set that she absolutely killed! Richa is now gearing up for the second season of her Amazon show, Inside Edge 2.

The trailer looks like a bigger and better version of the first season, and as Richa very wittingly states, it’s like the iPhone 11 – the next bigger and better version of the iPhone 10! The show’s premise continues from where it left off last season and is about all the drama and dirty business that goes behind the world of cricket and glamour. Given cricket is a game spearheaded by men, for the most part, being one of the very few female leads and owning the role is something only Richa can pull off.

When asked about it, Richa says:

The only time it messes with my mind is when they all sound disdain while working on the marketing campaign or something. If the marketing campaign is only men, then it’s shown in the result. But as far as the actors are concerned, it being a cricket show, it is bound to be testosterone heavy. And that’s like my home ground. I’ve done Gangs of Wasseypur, I’ve done Fukrey which was me and lots of men. It’s notsomething that scares me.Talking about her role in the series, Richa says that while in the first season of the show, her character Zarina was betrayed, insulted and cheated of her money, she was broken by the end of it. But now, in season 2, she feels Zarina has really come together and is now ambitious and power-hungry. She’ll stop at nothing. While on the topic of strong, successful women, she still has to bear the brunt of being trolled and made fun of. But Richa believes in not taking it so seriously when it comes to trolls.

She added:

I don’t really try to shame anybody as I come from a place of love but if somebody is making fun of me, I make fun of them back because then I think I’m allowed to. As women, what happens is you’re not expected to give it back. Sometimes when I see a stupid boy who is trying to make fun of me, just because he’s rattled that I’m a feminist then I’ll obviously teach him. So that other girls can also take note and tell them that this is virtual, so stay in your place now.While her show, Inside Edge season 1 was nominated to Emmy’s last year, this year around, other Indian digital shows like Sacred Games, Lust Stories have made it to the nominations. Ask her about it and she revealed she is really happy that the world is turning its eye on India.

She further said:

India is a huge market and I think it’s time the world opens up and starts noticing it. If people can watch Narcos which is made out of Brazil and Mexico then why can’t people watch Indian content? We just have to make it interesting.Inside Edge also stars Angad Bedi, Vivek Oberoi, Sayani Gupta with Siddhant Chaturvedi and Tanuj Virwani and we cannot wait for the second season of this power-packed show!