Just today, Sona Mohapatra had expressed her happiness at Anu Malik‘s exit from popular singing reality show Indian Idol because of the widespread outcry against him on social media over #MeToo allegations. But a report in Hindustan Times suggests that the singer was not asked to make an exit by channel. Malik said that he has taken a 3-week break and will return to the show after he has cleared his name.

Elaborating about the same, he said:

I have not quit the show. I have taken a three-week break. I want to clear my name and return to the show. If someone is saying things about me again and again on social media, it gets to you. I wrote an Insta post explaining that I am in a dark space. This Twitter campaign has been going on for a while and I was tired of these false, malicious accusations on social media. The best thing is once you clear your name and go back to business, it is good for everyone.

Earlier this month, Malik put up an Instagram post claiming all the allegations were false and unverified.

Take a look:

The music director also revealed that Sony TV did not ask him to leave and in fact, they were very supportive.

He said:

Sony has been so supportive. Last season, I quit (after the accusations) and this year, they got me back. They wouldn’t have brought me back if I was not in the clear. If they had any doubts about me, they wouldn’t have approached me at all. This time, I told them that people keep saying things about me so this time, I will come back after clearing my name.

When asked how he was going to clear his name,  he said he will figure it out. He also expressed sadness that people had forgotten that he has given them great music in the last 42 years when they demonized him on Twitter.

While we’re not sure how making great music is an exemption to be sexually inappropriate, we’re shocked to know that the channel has been ‘supportive’ to someone who has come under the scanner for his behaviour.