Bigg Boss 13: Bipasha Basu Supports Arti Singh's Battle With Anxiety On The Show

Shubanka Sridhar , 28 Nov 2019

When you are on a show like Bigg Boss, you are in an environment governed by millions of emotions and moods and it’s a roller coaster ride. You are locked in a house surrounded by constant cameras and people you like and don’t. You have tasks to complete and deal with pressures from within the house and outside. You see why mental health is an important criteria to discuss in such a situation, right?

Recently, Arti Singh suffered from an anxiety attack after an argument with Sidharth Shukla. And while she was battling it, some of the other housemates dismissed her attack as an act to gain more footage on the show. Arti sure was unsettled by this and released a video of her sharing her experiences and her struggle with anxiety and depression.

Watch it here:

Actress Bipasha Basu, also a close friend of Arti’s, wrote a lovely comment on the video in support of her friend. She spoke about how educated people in today’s time should handle this topic with more care and compassion and not make it taboo.

Here’s her comment:

Bipasha Basu's comment on Arti Singh's post (Source: Instagram | @artisingh5)
Bipasha Basu’s comment on Arti Singh’s post (Source: Instagram | @artisingh5)

Honestly, each one of us fight our own battles and like Bipasha says, the least we can do is support each other through the tough times. And I totally agree with her.

Arti has been receiving a lot of love and support from her fans because of how she handled the situation and even had the hashtag, #WeStandByArti trending on Twitter. Well, it all comes down to the friends and supporters who stand by you during the thought times, right?

Sending only good vibes your way, Arti!

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