11 Simple & Inspirational Ways To End This Year On A Positive Note

Dhruvi Modi , 02 Dec 2019

How has this year been for you? No really, I want to know for real how it has been. While most people might just answer with a curt ‘Oh, not too bad‘ or an ‘Alright, I guess‘, let me tell you that 2019 has been shitty for a majority of us everywhere. First off, it didn’t help that Mercury was in retrograde for what seemed like the whole year pretty much (not cool, Mercury, not cool). To top it off, climate change has been a real struggle, lemme tell ya. As for our personal lives, let’s not get started on that.

Why wait until January 1st for our New Year’s resolutions to take effect? In the remaining four weeks of the year, we can make a few powerful moves in order to wrap up 2019 in a beautiful way. Here are 11 ways you can do that:

1. Clean Out Your Cupboard

We’re all guilty of hoarding, it’s no surprise. But when your closet starts to overspill and you still stick by the ‘I have nothing to wear‘ motto, it’s time for a reality check. Clean out your closet— and while you’re at it, donate those items you seldom wear to charity. There are so many others in need who would cherish what we take for granted.

2. Make a Gratitude List

I often focus on the things that are not going my way. All those negative thoughts take up so much space in my mind that I forget to look at the things that are working well for me. If you have a roof over your head, food on the table and some cash in your pocket, you’re lucky— trust me! Start making yourself a gratitude list of the top 10 things that you are thankful for.

3. Take Time Out For Those In Need

My cousin recently celebrated her birthday by spending time at an orphanage here in Mumbai, and the joy that it gave her is comparable to none. Even if it means volunteering one hour out of your Saturday, pay a visit to a local homeless shelter, orphanage, a school for the disabled or more to give back to the community.

4. Donate Blood

One of the things on my bucket list is to donate blood. Register at your nearest blood bank and a mere bottle of blood could go a long way to helping someone in need.

5. Write Down The Good Things That Happened This Year

Sure, many bad things happened to a lot of us this year. But what good does it do to fixate on it? Take some time and write down those things that went well for you. It could be a small milestone such as getting out of bed or running a 10k marathon. No achievement is big or small, it’s all about what you believe it to be!

6. Send A Heartfelt Thanks To Those Who Helped You This Year

Remember when your best friend, who was travelling with almost no network available, stayed on the phone with you as you cried over your cheating ex? Or your partner who helped you come out of depression? Well, send them a thank you note. A small text will go a long way to let them know that you value their presence and appreciate their help.

7. Forgive And Forget

To all those who hurt you this (or any year, for that matter), forgive them. It’s always better to be the bigger person and learn to forgive someone for whatever they’ve done. I understand it can be hard, but trust me, you’re doing yourself a favour by letting go of this burden.

8. Clear Your Inbox

One of the best things I did last year was to clear my inbox of all that junk mail. I also unsubscribed from all those emails that brands send you. I’m not exaggerating when I say that it has changed my life! I feel like a cluttered email signifies a cluttered life.

9. Reach Out To That Person You Miss And Lost Touch With

NOT YOUR EX, I repeat, not your ex. That was good riddance! However, if there’s a friend from high school that you wish you were still in touch with, call him up. If your ex-colleague moved countries, go visit them. Life is too short to not tell the person you miss that you think about them.

10. Get A Health Check-Up Done

Yearly health check-ups are a must. And I’m talking about visiting a dentist too! Make sure you pay a visit to your doctor and gain a general understanding of how your body is functioning. Trust me, it’s never too early to visit a gynaecologist either.

11. Make A Vision Board

As we make our way into a whole new decade, let’s envision what our goals and dreams for the future look like. And because seeing is believing, what’s better than a vision board, amirite? I think once you can set down goals on paper, it’s easier to make them your target for the upcoming year.

What else will you be doing to end your year well? Let me know in the comments!

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