5 Reasons To Binge Watch Broken But Beautiful Season 2

Shubanka Sridhar , 03 Dec 2019

The supporting cast

The supporting cast is what I feel is the real world around Veer and Sameera’s passionate and chaotic tale of love. From Veer’s sister-in-law Ishanvi (Poppy Jabbal) to Sameera‘s best friends Porno (Pooja Bhamrah) and Agni (Akriti Singh), they become the anchors in the lead pair’s lives and bring equal amounts of light moments to the story. I personally loved Poppy’s portrayal of the protective but ever-so-brutally honest, Ishanvi. Mukul Chaddha as Sameera’s shrink is also great, and adds that bit of humour with how he views Sameera’s tragic tale of love.

The music album

When its a tale of such complex emotions turning into tornados in the hearts of the lead characters, words and dialogues aren’t the only things that can bring those out, right? Music is the only saviour then, and what an amazing album this season has got! From a lovely-dovey fun song like Shaamein to the bitter and heart-wrenching tunes of O Saajna, this series has something for every mood in love.

The performances

Broken but Beautiful season 2 manages to give us some beautiful and nuanced performances by the lead pair and everyone else on the show. Vikrant is amazing as the mushy as well as the lovelorn guy and does both parts with equal charm, making us root for him. Harleen has this very restrained undertone throughout the series, with so many times where she has nothing but her eyes to convey her fears, love and longing. The rest of the cast bring in the much-needed lightness and dynamic to the story that makes it one binge-worthy watch!
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