Neha Kakkar (Source: Instagram | @nehakakkar)
Neha Kakkar (Source: Instagram | @nehakakkar)

Singer Neha Kakkar has been one singer who always manages to deliver some of the best, and most popular songs in the industry and enjoys a humungous fanbase! With such a huge presence on the internet, it is only natural that she is trolled, and she has always been a sport when it comes to jokes and memes on her. But, this time around, seems like she wasn’t happy about a certain joke on her.

Comedians, Kiku Sharda and Gaurav Gera joked about her height and her singing in a video where they had a short girl act like her. But, Neha wasn’t going to take any of that as she thought it wasn’t cool to body-shame and poke fun at her work. She put up Insta stories where she said that she was hurt and that the same people who dance to her songs and have a great time should not be pulling her down like that. She even posted on her Instagram saying she wants to forget about the incident for her own peace of mind and said that she will be happy and move forward because of all the love from her fans or the #NeHearts.

Check out her post:

Her brother, Tony Kakkar also came out to support her and replied to the trolls by sharing the video and writing:

This is how you respect a small town girl who achieved everything on her own with so much struggle in life. Being a short girl, my sister has already suffered a lot. Do you understand what a person goes through when you make fun about her/his body size or shape? Will you ever stop making fun of what god has made us? Not just that you are talking rubbish about her talent too. Aren’t you damaging her career by saying all that wrong things about her talent ? Those who don’t understand music much would believe you easily coz you are a big national tv Channel. Fact is nobody becomes number 1 just by fluke and that too of a country which has a population of 1.3 billion.

We totally agree with Neha and Tony and that it is so important to be sensitive about such things.