Now, who isn’t a fan of Kareena Kapoor Khan, right? The Begum of Bollywood has ruled our hearts for as long as we can remember. Hell, she has fans in her own family! Sara Ali Khan, Bebo’s step-daughter, is a self-confessed fan of the actress and we all know it! Sara’s always been cordial and close to Kareena and has said in many a interviews that they are more like friends. Now, Sara’s all set to give her fav, Bebo, a tribute at the upcoming Star Screen Awards.

Awards season are always super exciting for the turnaround of all of our favourite stars under one roof, yes. But what I always look forward to are the amazing performances from our stars! The best and the most loved actors of the year take to stage to shake a leg on their famous songs, or on some of the most popular songs of the year. Sara, for one, is going to dance to popular hits of Kareena’s at the awards function. Given Bebo’s legacy and the amazing songs and dance hooks she has to her credit, it’s going to be super fun to see Sara recreate it all!

We sure are excited to see Sara on stage, what about you guys?