Shah Rukh Khan On The #MeToo Movement: 'If Somebody Behaves In An Improper Manner, It Is Not Going To Go Untouched' 

Shubanka Sridhar , 09 Dec 2019
Shah Rukh Khan (Source: Instagram | @iamsrk)
Shah Rukh Khan (Source: Instagram | @iamsrk)

The #MeToo movement all over the globe stirred up some rather important conversations that were previously pushed below the carpet. From bringing the perpetrators out in the open, to giving women an opportunity to speak up and share their stories, it has created a revolution of sorts in creating awareness about violence against women in our country and around the globe.

This has gotten everyone from celebrities to the general public to come out about their bad experiences and call out the ones to blame. While many celebrities have shared their thoughts on the subject and encouraged people to speak up, this time Shah Rukh Khan had something to add to that. The actor recently attended an interview by Tom Brook called Taking Movies as they celebrated the BBC channel’s anniversary.

When asked to elaborate on his thoughts regarding the #MeToo movement, he said:

It started from there… in the West and it gave voice to women to come out and talk about something that may have happened some years back… It gave them enough support to come out with their stories.

He also added:

In the cinematic world and media world it has made us a little more aware now. I think the main thing is that people are aware that this is not going to go untouched if somebody behaves in an improper manner.

When asked by the host if they have made films on this subject in mainstream Bollywood, SRK very honestly answered it saying the mainstream doesn’t portray the depth of the situation as much as parallel cinema does. But he stresses that there films from new age cinema that talk about this.

He explains:

We don’t do it in the depth and the seriousness with which one should do it. I would always be a hero in the film, be on the side of empowering a woman but maybe we sometimes lack depth… But the new wave of cinema, they are regular films and they look at notions and issues like this and deal with them with more depth and seriousness.

Well, got to give it to SRK for being so honest and articulate about something so important, and glad he is engaging in a conversation on the movement.

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