Reddit Users Tell Us The Most Common Jokes They Want To Get Rid Of Forever

Reddit Users Tell Us The Most Common Jokes They Want To Get Rid Of Forever

Dhruvi Modi

Laughter is the best medicine and we’re all privy to this fact. However, have you ever come across jokes that are so annoying that you genuinely cannot deal? I definitely have. And so have more than 15K people on Reddit, FYI. Hence, of course, I filtered out the best worst jokes out there for your amusement and here they are:

1. Not Today, Susan, Not Today

walks into office 30 seconds late”
“Look who decided to show up to work today, hahaha.” – Lugiaaa

2. I’m Tall, I Get It

“What’s the weather like up there?” – penguinopusredux

3. Just Don’t Go There, Please

“It’s not 2020 yet, but I’m already sick of “20/20 vision” jokes. I’m sure by next December, I’ll want to strangle anyone who even mentions the word ‘glasses'”. – captainmagictrousers

4. How About None, Greg?

“Working hard or hardly working?” – my2020account

5. You Grammar Nazi, You

“Can I do (something)?” “I don’t know, can you?” – MostlyMarshall

6. Sorry I asked!

“What’s up?”
“The sky, the clouds, you know–HARR-HARR-HARR” – Elevenst

7. Hello? I’m A Student AKA Broke

“Student : What time is it?
Teacher : Time for you to get a watch!
Student : * internally wishing they drop dead instantly*” – Gemini_2k

8. That’s A No From Me

“Whenever I wash the windows on the restaurant I work for, people walk past and they always say, without fail “You can come and do mine after if you like!” – LynXA1

9. Don’t Talk To Me, Like, Ever

“Can I ask you a question?”
“You just did! Ha ha!” -Morbido

10. Remind Me Why We’re Friends?

“Why did the chicken cross the road? I don’t know, why? To get to the idiot’s house.
Knock knock. Who’s there? The chicken.” – thenotjoeWhich joke do you wish you could get rid of ASAP? Let me know!Don’t forget to follow @missmalinilifestyle for cool updates!