Kareena Kapoor Khan aka Bollywood’s begum, Bebo kicked off the second season of her radio show What Women Want with a bang. On the season premiere episode, she had her mother-in-law, Sharmila Tagore appear on the show and we finally got an insight into their relationship with each other. They talked all about the Pataudi family members, their relationship as mother-in-law and daughter-in-law and much more. Bebo even asked her parenting advice for her son Taimur Ali Khan who is growing up with way too much media attention. Bebo asked where she would draw the line when it comes to parenting. Sharmila Ji had a very graceful answer for the same.

Talking about parenting children that grow up under the limelight, namely Taimur, she said:

Social media is a concern. Your child would be shaped by many influences. You won’t be able to control those influences. Later on when he is grown up enough to really access social media, he will be bombarded with so many information. But I feel what the media does is builds you up and then suddenly dumps you….Tomorrow Virat Kohli and Anushka will have a child and Taimur might be relegated.

To which Kareena agreed that she hopes that Tim stops getting all the attention he is currently receiving. Sharmila Ji further added that at Tim’s age it doesn’t really matter because he’s still very young but if when he turns 7 or 8 and he continues to be a rage as he is now and then he is dumped, it would matter to him. She ended on a note saying finally the responsibility lies with the parents (Saif Ali Khan and Bebo) and that’s why she likes being a grandmother where she can just sit back and watch. We absolutely loved the 1st episode of What Women Want and can’t wait for the rest.

Check out the full episode here: