Exclusive: 'I Had To Deal With Salman Khan's Aura And Match Upto It In Dabangg 3' - Kichcha Sudeep

Shubanka Sridhar , 16 Dec 2019
Salman Khan and Sudeep; Sudeep in Dabangg 3 (Source: Instagram | @kichchasudeepa)
Salman Khan and Sudeep; Sudeep in Dabangg 3 (Source: Instagram | @kichchasudeepa)

When it is a Salman Khan film, the villain becomes as much of an important aspect to consider given he has to be able to match up to Salman’s larger-than-life personality. Especially when it is a film like Dabangg 3, which is high on its action and entertainment quotient. So, we are sure it would have been a task to zero in on an actor to play the villain, but guess the makers hit jackpot when they cast actor Sudeep to play the baddie in the third instalment of the cop drama.

Popularly known as Kichcha Sudeep down south in the Sandalwood industry, Sudeep is a superstar in his own right back there. In an exclusive chat with us, the actor talks about how his experience shooting with Salman was, and that he had to become as big as Salman to match up to his aura.

Speaking about it, he says:

I can’t really go to the set thinking that you know, “I’m a good actor or I’m a villain” . I had to deal with
Salman Khans aura and his personality. Only then will I be able to come across as an equally big person on screen and do justice to his role. If he is a tiger or a lion, then there has to be an elephant
in front of him.

Adding to that, he explained:

You can see on screen that I have exuded the biggest swag and attitude against him. Salman Khan in the film has to be Chulbul Pandey, he can’t be Salman Khan. So, I became him. The way I stood and walked and all that swag looked just like his.

But talking about his relationship with Salman and his experience working with him, Sudeep is all praises:

A lot of really fun moments on set. There is a gym set up wherever he goes, so it great for us! He’s an easy-going person. He enjoys life, every part of it. You should see him at his farmhouse. That’s where he relaxes and entertains all his friends and family. He gardens there and plays with his pets, and is always surrounded by all the kids. He is a completely different person. You should just get to spend some time with him to get to know the real him.

We are just loving Sudeep and Salman’s bond and can’t wait to see them lock horns with each other on-screen in the film! Directed by Prabhudeva, the movie also stars Sonakshi Sinha and Saiee Manjrekar playing the female leads and is all set to release on the 2oth of December.

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