Exclusive: 'Sometimes I Do Cringe At My Own Work And It Is A Good Sign' - Salman Khan

Shravan Shah , 16 Dec 2019
Salman Khan
Salman Khan

In 2010, Salman Khan impressed the masses when he starred in Dabangg. The film was one of the biggest blockbusters of the year and was appreciated by the masses so much so that the series was back with its sequel in 2012. This one, just like its prequel, did well at the ticket windows and now the actor is gearing up for the release Dabangg 3.

Ask him if making a franchise was on cards since 2010 and he immediately says,

When we were shooting for it, the last scene of Dabangg, where Chulbul says that ‘Chedi Singh (Sonu Sood) ka ek bhai bhi hai‘. Back then we thought that agar yeh chal gayi toh iska ek continuation bana denge kyun ki the character was that way.

While Sonu Sood, Prakash Raj and Nikitin Dheer essayed the role of an antagonist in the earlier parts, South star Sudeep will be playing a negative role in the third one.

Talking highly of him, the Dabangg star added,

It was great. Not once did Sudeep ever show how big a star he is in. Sohail Khan, Suniel Shetty and I, all of us know him because of the CCL matches. He is a very sorted, disciplined and a thorough professional. He is a very good-hearted and hard-working man. He deserves all the success he has had and all the credit for what he is goes to him.

While Dabangg has always been high on action, for Khan, it is an amalgamation of romance and action that works.

Action is in all the films. Till the time it is not backed with the right kind of emotion, the action is meaningless. There has to be romance. Till the time there is no romantic story, there is no story. These are the two things I take utmost care of. The other thing that is also important is the goal. What is the target for the protagonist and how it reaches it. These are the things that are important.

Ask Salman about the feeling he has when he watches himself on the 70 mm and he immediately quips that he just watches it as a film.

I see it as a film, I don’t see myself on the screen. Only I have done a really bad job then the cringe moment sets in. But sometimes when I do watch the earlier work either I cringe on it, or I say to myself that this was good and why am I not doing this kind of stuff more.

Question him if he really cringes at some of his past works and the actor nods.

Yes, sometimes I do cringe at my own work and it is a good sign. Every last film of mine I watch I say, ‘What rubbish was that’ because only then can you grow and work harder. If you’re very impressed with yourself and say yaar kya kaam kar diya then how is that a good thing. You cannot be praising yourself, other people have to praise you and after a while, you are supposed to stop listening to those praises. You cannot get carried away by the praises.

We cannot wait to watch Dabangg 3, what about you?

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