Hydration, Protection & Coverage—All From This Celeb-Approved DIY BB Cream

Hydration, Protection & Coverage—All From This Celeb-Approved DIY BB Cream

Eesha Kokane

I don’t know about you, but I consider makeup to be a gift from the gods that’s been blessed upon us. Spent the night binge-watching Netflix? A pimple popped up on your forehead? Is your skin lacking glow? All these problems can be fixed with some trusty makeup products. However, you can’t carry all your usual go-to products everywhere with you, that’s why you need to play smart and only make do with one product that does a lot for you. Speaking of multi-tasking products, I recently came across a fascinating trick to make your own BB cream.

In a video for Elle, Jonathan Van Ness revealed his routine to get camera-ready. In this video, he makes his very own makeshift BB cream that gives him hydration, protection and coverage all at once. I’ve tried this DIY BB cream, and I have to say I loved the way my skin looked afterwards, dewy with just the right amount of coverage. If you’ve missed the video, have a look at it here:

Here’s What You’ll Need To Make The BB Cream

  • Moisturiser: Use a pea-sized amount of your usual moisturiser to make the base for the BB cream.
  • Colour Correcting Primer: There are tons of colour correcting primers out there, chose one that matches the needs of your skin. For example, if your concern is to cover redness, then chose a green colour correcting primer.
  • SPF: Use a pea-sized amount of your sunscreen to make the base for the BB cream. Also, remember that adding SPF to this mixture is an extra step. Remember to wear a layer of sunscreen before applying your makeup.
  • Concealer: To add some colour and to give your skin some coverage, add some concealer into the mixture. You can add concealer according to how much coverage you think your skin needs.

After you’re done mixing all the ingredients, apply this concoction onto your skin and you’re done! Will you try making this BB cream? Let me know in the comments below.

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