'The Film Was A Painful Process For Me Emotionally' - Vishal Jhetwa On His Negative Role In Mardaani 2

Shubanka Sridhar , 18 Dec 2019

If you’ve watched Mardaani 2 recently, I won’t be surprised if you are still affected by the atrocity of the cruelties shown in the film. It is a hard-hitting and an honest portrayal of how women in the country today always have danger lurking around them. Rani Mukerji kills it as the determined and strong police officer, Shivani Shivaji Roy in the second instalment of the franchise and tackles a psychotic rapist and murderer who is played to perfection by debutant actor, Vishal Jhetwa. 

Vishal makes you want to hate his character, Sunny, in the film and is absolutely terrifying as the creepy, light-eyed villain. Now, that is some great acting because it takes a lot of convincing for the audience to collectively hate on a character as much. In a report in ANI, Vishal has opened up about his role in the film and says that it was very tough for him.

He says:

It was very, very hard for me but I knew I had to prove myself as an actor. The preparation for this film was a painful process for me emotionally. I knew that for media and people to love my character, I will need them to hate Sunny and I prepped really hard. It was not easy because I am not this evil person.

See, that’s what you call a great actor, right? We are sure it would have been mentally draining for him.

Explaining his process, he adds:

I used to go to my house and lock myself up in my house for hours and try and behave like Sunny, trying to find a body language, posture and demeanour. I was exhausted after this process because Sunny is a person no one should ever become. Our film warns of people like him.

Yes, and it has shown us the worst possible kind of perpetrator that could be lurking around, sending a chill down our spine each time. Kudos to Vishal for a wonderful performance and we can’t wait to see more of this actor on screen.

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