I am sure many will agree with me if I say that whenever we think of Roadies, the one name that immediately comes to mind is Rannvijay Singha. From being a participant to actually hosting the show and being the face of the Roadies brand, he has come a long way and how!

For someone to be with a show for as much as 16 years, is not a small feat. In today’s time, how often do we find that a person is associated with a show for such a long period, right?! Maybe an Amitabh Bachchan for KBC. Rannvijay is also one who has managed to do that with Roadies for the past so many seasons.

Ask him about this, and if he has ever in all these years felt saturated with his collaboration with the show, he says that the fact that it is a new experience everyday makes it interesting, and that he hasn’t felt like it yet.

He elaborates:

There are ups and downs, low and high points in every office and organisation, and this is no different. I have been with MTV for 16 years now. And if they were making me do the same thing every year, then it would have been a problem. But in this period, I have been a participant on the show, in the team that selects participants, then a gang leader and now the host. And then again, in Roadies, we don’t do the same tasks twice or go to the same location twice. I’ll be interested until it keeps changing like this because it’s not redundant and boring. When it stops to be that way, then I might not be interested, you know.

Well, we hope that day never comes because he is the reason Roadies is what it is now, right?

Rannvijay is currently gearing up for his podcast ‘Life Ki Rann-Neeti‘ on the music streaming app Gaana where he talks with his friends and family about his journey and all that he has learnt along the way. We also get a glimpse of his guest’s own interesting stories and life journeys. From Raghu Ram to Varun Sood and even his father, he has personal and heartfelt conversations with them all which makes it one super emotional yet fun podcast to listen to!