Ram Charan & Upasana Kamineni Konidela Champion The Importance Of Wildlife

Ram Charan & Upasana Kamineni Konidela Champion The Importance Of Wildlife

Shravan Shah

Ram Charan is one of the biggest super stars in the Telegu industry with blockbuster films like Magadheera to his credit. When a star of such caliber decides to brand out of his comfort zone and get behind the camera, then it sure does say lots of his drive to push his boundaries. The actor added another feather to his hat as he debuted as a wildlife photographer recently. He showcased his work at a recent gala hosted by him and his wife, Upasana Kamineni Konidela at their residence in Hyderabad. The Gala was attended by the who’s who of the South Indian film industry.

When asked how he happened to discover photography, Ram says that he is an ‘accidental photographer’  and that he never set out to become one.

He says:

When I went to Africa and saw the beauty of the Savannah lands and the wildlife, I fell in love with it. I didn’t choose to capture the animals, they asked me to capture them. And yes, it requires you to be extremely patient as animals are never really at your whims and fancies. I generally focus more on how I align the car, on composing the frame, etc, and that takes quite some effort.

Now, it’s not only the husband who’s donning an extra hat for the night, but his wife, too. From being an entrepreneur to someone who always speaks up on matters close to her heart, she has championed many a social causes. Last night, they also celebrated Upasana being appointed as the first philanthropy ambassador of World Wildlife Fund India.

Talking about it, Upasana says that wildlife and its conservation has been a cause very close to her heart, and that she wishes to use her platform and title to educate and raise awareness about it.

She elaborates:

We share this planet with animals, and it is our duty to take care of them as they are a part of us. If you know about your body you can take care of it. Similarly, if you know about wildlife, you can take care of it. This is my journey to learning about that and to inform more people about what I learn. I didn’t know of so many things such as Andhra and Telengana having almost 4500 species of animals, or that there are whales in Vizag. We need to learn about all this and act accordingly.

Ask her about her husband’s photography debut, and she says she was honestly freaked out because you never know how the animals will react. She says though she had her ‘Magadheera‘ by her side, she was still scared but had a great time anyway.

They make for such a power couple, don’t they? Kudos to them for championing such an important cause in today’s time!