Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar is gearing up for his next, Good Newwz, and is promoting it in full swing. During one such promotional event, producer Karan Johar spoke about an observation he had made about Akshay’s style of working. He said that Akshay is the one star who has worked with the most number of debutant directors.

According to a report on IANS, Akshay agreed to that and said he does that because he doesn’t get to work with a lot of big directors, he is left with the newer lot of directors to work with. He says that he cannot wait for the big directors to approach him and creates his own path by taking up the work that comes his way.

About them approaching other people, namely the Khans in the industry, he added:

They (big directors) went to the people who deserved. You see, it’s not that only the Khans were around. There were the Kapoors and the others. I presume I didn’t deserve it, so I earned it my way. I still don’t have big directors (directing me). They are producing films with me, but they are not directing. Mr Karan Johar is there, you should ask him. You should ask Adi Chopra.

Talking about his experience with the new directors, he says that he never interferes with their work. He adds:

Raj (Mehta, Good Newwz director) is my 21st new director. I also feel their greed to do good work is far more than many old directors. For them, it is a do or die situation, because (they think) if the film doesn’t work, then they are finished.

Well, at the end of the day, it’s just the amazing stories and scripts he takes up that have made him the superstar he is, right?