Around two weeks ago, the internet was buzzing with talks of a few pictures of Justin Timberlake holding hands with his co-star Alisha Wainwright on a night out after filming. In the videos and pictures, his wedding ring seems to be missing as well. As you can imagine, this came as a shock to everyone. Now, two weeks later, Justin Timberlake took to Instagram to issue a public apology to his wife Jessica Biel. In the message, he mentions that he is someone who usually remains silent about gossip around him but he thought it was important to address this one because he felt that this was hurting his family. He then went onto apologize to his wife of seven years and said that the incident was a serious lapse of judgment and this is not an example he wants to set for his Silas. He also revealed that he was heavily drunk that night.

Check out the post below:

Justin’s wife Jessica has still not spoken about the said incident. But reports in E! suggests that she is trying to laugh it off as nothing. Justin and Jessica tied the knot in October 2012 and welcomed their baby boy, Silas in April 2015.

Alisha and Justin will be seen playing on-screen lovers in their upcoming movie Palmer which tells the story of an ex-convict who befriends a boy from a troubled home. We’re glad that Justin addressed these rumours and stopped speculations from running wild. We can’t wait to watch Palmer in theatres and we’re sure it’s going to be a great movie.