Bigg Boss 13: Gauahar Khan Stands Up For Asim Riaz As He Gets Into A Fight With Sidharth Shukla

Bigg Boss 13: Gauahar Khan Stands Up For Asim Riaz As He Gets Into A Fight With Sidharth Shukla

Shubanka Sridhar

Bigg Boss 13 is gearing up towards its final weeks and the tension and competition are only getting intense. Especially when it comes to the two very talked-about contestants – Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz. The once very close friends have gotten into serious fights in the past many weeks and have caused a whole divide when it comes to the fans of the show. Now, there is a whole Sidharth army and an Azim army who are fighting it out on their behalf on Twitter, with Gauahar Khan being the latest to join the conversation.

The two contestants engaged in a verbal spat on yesterday’s episode which started with Sidharth teasing Asim and calling him a ‘cry baby‘. Asim retaliated, and hot him with a ‘Cry baby hoga tera baap‘. Now, this is where it got ugly, as Asim got Sidharth’s late father into the conversation. From there on, it was all about hurling abuses from both sides. Arti Singh, who is Sidharth’s good friend, stood up for him and accused Asim of provoking him. While fans on Twitter were on fire, they also pulled Gauhar in the conversation. She has always lent her support to Asim on the show and so, the Twitterati wanted to know her take on the issue.

Gauahar took to her Instagram stories to talk about the issue and said:

Asim was very wrong in bringing up Sidharth’s father. What is wrong is wrong. All his(Asim’s) pent up anger came out after all these weeks, but in a very wrong manner. I did not expect it, and I am highly disappointed in him. However, the way the women of the house (referring to Arti Singh) have jumped and shouted on Asim for abusing and taking on somone’s family, I want to ask them, ‘Who has been hurling abuses and dragging families in a fight since day one of the season?’ I don’t understand why they didn’t react in the similar way then, or where their morality lies. They need to have the courage to point out right and wrong to the person who has always been doing it.

She also took this opportunity to appreciate certain members like Shehnaaz Gill, Asim and Rashami Desai, while she said that Arti should have handled her conversation with Asim better.

Well, now we need to see how the show progresses from here on!