5 Times We Wanted To Recreate Janhvi Kapoor's Hair & Makeup Looks

Eesha Kokane , 04 Jan 2020

Janhvi Kapoor Hair & Makeup

Let me start by saying that I spend a good chunk of my time scrolling through Instagram, looking at the latest fashion and beauty trends out there. It’s safe to say that more than half the pages I follow are about the previously mentioned genres. I could spend hours stalking my favourite pages and one, in particular, is Janhvi Kapoor‘s. It’s a known fact that her sartorial choices are always on point. However, what caught my attention are Janhvi’s hair and makeup looks. Her hair and makeup looks are always the perfect combination of classic and edgy. If I had to narrow down some of my favourite looks, these would be it. So without any further ado, here are five of Janhvi’s hair and makeup looks that I’d love to recreate (and you will to!):

1. ’90’s Tendril Hair Bun

This delicate hairstyle is super versatile; you can wear it to work, brunch and even to a girl’s night out! That’s why this ’90’s tendril hair bun is one of my favourite hairstyles. I love how this hairstyle of Janhvi’s is the perfect combination of messy and prim.

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2. Minimal Glam

Wispy eyelashes and glossy lips? Yes, please! This makeup look is perfect to wear on an everyday basis since it’s clean and minimalistic. If you want to amp up this makeup look just a little bit, then you can add some highlighter to your cheekbones.

3. Major Curls

There’s nothing quite as glamorous as old school curls, is there? Janhvi’s hairstyle is perfect to wear on a night out. If you want to try it try out then opt for a curling iron with a smaller diameter so that you’ll achieve tighter curls. Finish this hairstyle with some hairspray so that the curls stay in place.

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4. Bold Fuschia Lip

I love a good red lip as much as the next person; however, Janhvi’s makeup look is giving me second thoughts! Instead of going with a shade of red, choose a bright shade of pink, like fuschia. This shade will soften your makeup look and add a fresh pop of colour to your lips.

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5. Soft Romantic Waves

Look no further, because you’ve just found your new go-to hairstyle for your next date-night. You can never go wrong with soft romantic waves, and Janhvi is proving just that.

Which one of these hair and makeup looks do you want to recreate? Let me know in the comments below.

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