British-Indian Model Neelam Gill Nails The Off-Duty Beauty Look

Natasha Patel , 08 Jan 2020

Neelam Kaur Gill might be a household name in Britain but from gracing the cover of many magazines to being the first-ever Indian-British model as the face of luxury designer brands, she isn’t just a supermodel with a great bod and stunning features. And speaking of features, Neelam mentions in her latest video for VOGUE‘s Beauty Secrets how she achieves a natural, everyday glow.

I really love how she keeps it real, relatable and uses products anyone can get on a budget. And just like any of us really, she gets acne, bad skin and goes thought a typical Indian-girl struggle of finding the perfect foundation base shade. Representing us Indian girls in the mainstream fashion and beauty market is something I really admire about the 24-year-old model.

She goes on to say:

When I was growing up, especially being Indian, a lot of people were kind of ashamed of their skin tone, and I feel like that’s because in my community, especially in India, skin lightening is such a big industry. I’m the complete opposite. I want my skin to look more tan and darker…everyone is beautiful. Diversity is beautiful.

…And we couldn’t agree more!

What did you love about her routine the most? Comment below and tell us!

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