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The new year may have begun, but I’m still stuck on to my old habits… one of which involves scrolling through Instagram to find beauty inspiration! Since I’m obsessed with all kinds of nail art, the algorithm keeps throwing up images of new designs that people are trying out. One type of image that kept cropping up involved nails that weren’t entirely matte nor were they super shiny.

After a little digging, I found out that these nails were officially trending! Dubbed as ‘velvet chrome nails’, this fad delivers a metallic chrome finish to the tips, without the glossiness. Although this effect sounds complicated, it’s surprisingly easy to achieve!

IsaDora Chrome Nail Powder In ’10 Mirror Silver’ | Source: IsaDora

First, you need to prep your nails with a base coat and your colour of choice. Once your polish is nearly dry, use a brush to apply a chrome nail powder all over. Rub it on gently to get the mirror finish. Then, instead of sealing it in with a glossy top coat as your normally would, you can lock the colour down by using a matte formula. This will dull down the shine, without taking away the dramatic effect.

OPI Matte Top Coat | Source: OPI

If you are keen to hop on to this cool trend, here are a few looks that will inspire you:

1. Molten

These multidimensional purple tips are too fierce to handle! Pair them with coffin-shaped or almond nails to ensure that the spotlight stays firmly on your hands.

2. Kardashian-Jenner Vibes

Guess what? Khloé Kardashian is also a fan of this new craze! Take a leaf out of her book and jazz up your classic red nails with this edgy finish.

If red isn’t really your colour, be like Kylie Jenner and opt for a deep, emerald green to glam up your tips.

3. Deep Blue Sea

Honestly, this is my favourite look of the lot. The metallic blue shade looks alluring and really adds a layer of depth to the nails. Whilst it looks great on longer tips, I would pair it with short, square-shaped nails to keep with the edgy vibe.

Are you planning to try this latest trend? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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