It’s always great when we see our favourite celebrities go down memory lane and recall their days of struggle and younger days. So, when Jackie Shroff revealed how he tried to get the girl he liked to come to his house during his school days, it sure was a heartwarming moment!

Jackie Da was recently on The Kapil Sharma Show and said that when he was younger, he fell in love with a girl from a wealthy family and she once wanted to come to his house and meet his mother. But he stayed in a chawl with his entire joint family.

Explaining what he did, he said:

Once the girl demanded that she wanted to come home and meet my mother. I lied to her saying that I don’t stay with my mother, instead told her that I stay alone in a PG and convinced my mother to go out of the house for some time.

And guess what, he informs that his sweet mother actually supported him and stayed out of the house for 30 minutes! But later he realised it doesn’t matter and told the girl the truth about his home.

Archana Puran Singh, who presides over the show, also had something to say about Jackie Da’s younger days and recalled the times when she lent money to him. And the reason he asked for it is amazing.

Archana says that:

I have known Jackie from his struggle days. Those days we were not well-off but still, whenever Jackie used to see beggars, he used to ask me for money and give it to those who were in need.

Isn’t that so noble?!

Now, at the show, Jackie Da decided to return the favour and said:

Yes, Archana had helped me with Rupee 1 five times that equals to Rs 5. Today I want to take this opportunity and return the favour by giving Rs 500 to Archana.

Well, a friend in need…you get the drift! So nice to see how the stars shared such close bonds even before they became famous right?