Video: Sara Ali Khan Is Taken Aback As A Fan Tries To Kiss Her Hand

Video: Sara Ali Khan Is Taken Aback As A Fan Tries To Kiss Her Hand

Shubanka Sridhar

Actors today are much more approachable with the paparazzi culture and social media exposure. If they are in the city, you can always find them being photographer wherever they go. While most of them are used to it now, with people like Janhvi Kapoor and Sara Ali Khan even greeting the paps and acknowledging them whenever they spot them.

Now, fans too wait to meet their favourite stars while they are out and about in the city and it sometimes does tend to get quite overwhelming for the actors. That’s what happened with Sara Ali Khan as she was coming out of her pilates class the other day. The ever-smiling girl came out looking all fresh and was poses for the paps before taking some quick pictures with a few fans. Now, this is where it gets creepy because right then, a fan put his hand out and tried to take Sara’s hand to kiss it. Yes, creepy to the next level!

Have a look at the video:

Her bodyguards immediately shooed him away, and the fan who was taking a picture with her also pushed him as soon as he tried to get close. Sara was quite shocked but immediately got her composure back and even posed with someone else after.

Actors really do have to dodge some tricky situations, don’t they?