How To Get On The Road To Sustainability And Why It’s Important For A Fashionista

How To Get On The Road To Sustainability And Why It’s Important For A Fashionista

Nelly Wadia

As pioneers of a woke generation, it is imperative that we all play a role in helping exhume the environment for generations to come. I know my heart sinks with everything I read on the internet; about how we’ve been casually polluting Mother Earth without realising the very real consequences of our actions. As we collectively move into a more mindful space, the way individuals consume fashion is also drastically changing and having a curated closet is the best way to get maximum usage from your clothing and minimising waste.

No more is it simply about a trend or the need to fill a void kind of shopping dates with friends—we are asking the important questions and buying only what is needed. What kind of fabric is this made of?—is there any way for me to give this particular garment a face-lift, instead of going out and purchasing a product that takes us one step closer to destroying Mother Earth? Understandably, it is hard to buy a product that is expensive and isn’t priced at fast fashions value packs.

But, here are a few quick tips to get you on a steady journey towards sustainability:

1. Invest heavily in basics

A denim jacket, a white shirt, black jeans, a few basic tees. Now mix and match. And before you know, you’ve developed a wearable closet and a more conscious one at that.

2. Make a list of clothing categories

How would you normally style these clothes and how often would you wear them. Like do they fall under the work-wear category, party outfits, traditional wear, gym gear?—it’s easier to keep track of how you own things and when you know the use of each product, its value in your life increases as well. Try growing each of these categories within reason

3. Up-cycle and re-design

It’s a fun way to refresh your mind and a great way to inspire your friends and family, to change their ways of consumption.

4. Have a budget and target in mind

If you’re an avid shopper and find it hard to control going out there and splurging, try giving yourself a certain number of garments that you won’t exceed purchasing over a month. Commit to buying lesser but better.

5. Eco-friendly designers

Try to buy from small designers or brands that are driven by sustainability and eco-friendly fabrics. This will easily result in high quality and timeless design, worth every penny spent.

6. Swap-a-thons

Swapping things and clothes is a great way to meet like-minded, new people and also a great way to build your journey towards sustainability.

7. Shop vintage

The perk here is that your clothes will always be one of kind and I promise there’s plenty of brands out there that also carry vintage designer wear. Something you may be able to brag about and subtly help the environment.

8. Pre-worn clothes

You can also turn to pre-loved, second-hand pieces.

9. Rent

Borrow items you feel you may only use once, like Indian-wear (because it’s so hard to store and really hard to repeat).

10. Research

A little knowledge of the subject will take you a long way on this journey.

11. Donate

Giveaway what you don’t need, there are plenty of people leading far less, privileged lives than us. Also, de-cluttering helps you have a healthier mind and space.

The answer to creating a sustainable wardrobe is not to throw everything away and start from scratch, nor is it to stop buying clothing altogether. It’s the small changes that will add up to you making a big difference. One step at a time brings you one step closer to building and restoring what we once destroyed.

If you’ve been doing your bit to help save the environment then, let us know How? in the comments below.

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