Tik Tok can sometimes be a place where you can find some rather talented people doing some cool stuff and we just found a gem, thanks to Hrithik Roshan. Hrithik took to Twitter to share this one Tik Tok video he was super fascinated by and asked his fans about who the guy in the video was.

Yes. If a dancer as great as Hrithik is saying it, it should be something, right? The video has this guy dressed up like Michael Jackson, dancing on the terrace to the song ‘Muqabla‘. He pulls off some rather cool MJ moves, like the airwalk and had Hrithik exclaim that he is the ‘smoothest air walker he has seen’.

Have a look:

Now, a platform like Twitter is the best to find someone and fans immediately came to his rescue when he asked who the guy in the video was. Twitterati took to the comments section to tell Hrithik that the man in the video is Yuvraj Singh, who goes by the Tik Tok name – babajackson2020.

So nice to see such content creators get noticed by people like Hrithik, right? Sure does motivate them to create such superb content, no?