The most-awaited creator-lead festival of 2020 is almost here and we’re super stoked! Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must be aware of the Epic Fam Jam—a unique fan-centric festival where you can meet your favourite TikTokers and content creators. Have you ever heard of such a festival? No, right? That’s because it’s the first of its kind and we’re extra excited because we’re on board as their ‘Positivity Partners’.
If you haven’t heard about what all you can expect at the festival, here’s a quick snapshot.

Where is the Epic Fam Jam happening?

Jio Garden, BKC

When is it happening?

January 19th, 2020

Who is scheduled to appear?

You can expect a lot of your favourite influencers like Jannat Zubair, Mr Faisu, Adnaan Shaikh, Hasnain Khan, Faiz Baloch, Shadan Farooqui, Sameeksha Sud, Vishal Pandey, Bhavin Bhanushali, Awez Darbar & Nagma Mirajkar, Siddharth Nigam & Avneet Kaur to name a few.

These content creators will have their own individual camps here, at the Epic Fam Jam. This means, at a certain price, you can enter their camp (which also means enter their entire universe), create exclusive content with them and… wait for it… get a follow-back from them too!
Here are some deets on what’s in these camps:

Team 07

Since Mr. Faisu, Adnaan, Faiz, Shadan and Hasnain are basically one of the most popular teams of influencers currently, it’ll only make sense to glam up their camp at the Epic Fam Jam. Not only will it be star-studded, but it’ll also house superbikes, a mini gym and a red carpet that is basically the personality extension of the entire team.

Jannat Zubair

Jannat is all about cute florals, crystals and essentially, royalty. You can expect a dainty princessy-y vibe from her camp.

Teen Tigada

Let us ask you a question. Are you filmy? Then this camp is your jam! Think Bollywood, pop culture and some quirky selfie spots here that you can use to take pictures with Sameeksha, Vishal & Bhavin.

Awez & Nagma

These two are all about an impactful performance. You can expect a rockstar feel here thanks to the shiny disco balls, glitter, and if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also find your very own stage to pose near.

Siddharth & Avneet

If you know this duo at all, you’ll guess what their camp will look like. Yup, you guessed it! It’s Alladin and Jasmine-themed. Imagine royal and majestic decor that’ll take you on a mystical journey you’ll never forget!

If this isn’t giving you all the FOMO feels, we don’t know what will. Are you as excited as us to meet, create content, and party with the biggest digital superstars of the country? We thought you might say ‘yes’. So, click here to buy your tickets to the much awaited, Epic Fam Jam.

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