5 Reasons To Watch The Film 'Bunker' This Weekend

Shubanka Sridhar , 16 Jan 2020

We have seen many a film on the wars that the Indian Army has fought, and how they are the brave hearts we should celebrate and be proud of every single day. But how often do we hear about the struggles and pressures they go through in their minds every minute that they are out on the field? Bunker, written and directed by Jugal Raja, is one such film that sheds light on this idea.

Bunker tells the story of Lieutenant Vikram Singh played by ‘Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana’ fame, Abhijeet Singh. He is the lone survivor of a fatal ceasefire violation at LOC in Poonch, Jammu. The film traces the mental health of the soldiers who are always at conflict when it comes to missing their family and putting their country before anything else.

Here are 5 reasons why we think you should watch this film:

It is an anti-war tale

The thought of a physically strong Army officer dealing with their mental health in itself sounds very taboo for most people. But it’s so great that the filmmaker chose to explore this issue and build conversation around it, right? It’s not just about the soldiers, but also about championing peace over war.

The philanthropic initiative behind it

The makers of the film have decided to contribute 100% of the film’s profits to Bharat Ke Veer and Army Wives Welfare Association as a mark of solidarity to our soldiers and their families.

Rekha Bharadwaj’s heartfelt rendition

When it is a film with such an emotional core, music is the only way to express the feelings of the heart and the mind. This is done beautifully through Rekha Bharadwaj‘s lovely voice in the song, Lautke Ghar Jaana Hai. The song fits perfectly in the film’s narrative and holds the film together.

The storyline

The film focuses on this one fatally injured soldier who is stuck in a secret bunker that is attacked during a ceasefire violation at LOC in Poonch, Jammu. It has his family play the most important role in the film where we see the inter-personal relationships between them and how they are the ones who are affected the most in the process.

The performances

We get to see some amazing performances from the lead of the film, Abhijeet, and the other supporting actors who will make you feel for their situation and their loss. The layered characterisations and emotions further make the mental conflicts they face more humane and relatable.

Bunker releases tomorrow, on the 17th of January 2020 in a theatre near you.

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