It’s always such a power move when women come together to make a film about their experiences and this short story called Devi is all that and much more. It’s a debut of sorts for a lot of them associated on the project as well. Directed by debutant director, Priyanka Bannerjee, this is also Kajol Devgn and Shruti Haasan‘s debut short film.

The short is based on the lives of nine women from different strata of society, all oppressed in their own ways. They are in a position where they have to share their stories of pain and trauma with each other, and that bond and sisterhood that forms from there makes for the story. What’s also very interesting is that apart from a few of them, the whole cast and crew were female-led, including the DOP and line producer. Isn’ t that cool?

Talking about the film, Kajol says:

I couldn’t have chosen a better subject than Devi for my first short film. It’s a powerful statement, written very well by Priyanka. It’s a poignant film, one that needs to be shared with the world, especially today. In today’s times when gender discrimination, abuse and violence is being spoken about vociferously, films like Devi are far more relevant and I am glad to have got the opportunity to participate.

Shruti also shares her experience working on the film, saying it is amazing how it deals with the idea of sisterhood and that while we speak about how women need to stand up for each other, Devi highlights it in a lovely way.

She says:

It’s disturbingly poignant and that’s why I knew I had to be part of it, and I couldn’t have found a more perfect film to make my debut on the digital platform!

Actress Mukta Barwe sheds light on the film, saying that all the women in this story have suffered violence, irrespective of their social class, regardless of their ages.

She states that:

The film says that violence cannot be accepted as a norm, It has to stop. I am especially glad that Niranjan and Ryan chose to make this film. They have done a great job, and I was really happy to be part of this project.

Neha Dhupia also reiterates the same sentiments and says that Devi was one film that stayed with her days after they wrapped the shoot on it. She adds, “It also reminds you how through the fragility of life as women we don’t have a choice but to stay strong.” How true, and what a lovely thought!

It’s also so interesting how the film has women of all ages come together in an enclosed space and share their stories, only to realise their tales of pain and horror share more similarities than they would have thought. Acclaimed actress Neena Kulkarni, who is also a part of the film states that she found the script to be so well-written and layered and loved how the interactions between the characters play out.

Produced by Electric Apples Entertainment for Large Short Films, we are super thrilled for this one.