Every time the Jonas Brothers are set to release a new track, it’s a whole other level of excitement and anticipation for all the fans world over – we were one of them! What A Man Gotto Do just dropped this morning, and boy does it live up to all the excitement because we see Nick Jonas in just a shirt, dancing. And of course, it’s one catchy, feet-tapping beat you’re going to be grooving along to all afternoon.

After Sucker, it’s great to have their wives back with them in the What A Man Gotto Do music video because let’s be honest everyone, we love the J-Sisters as much as we love the guys, don’t we? The video is inspired by classic Hollywood rom-com and the couples re-enact it to perfection. Nick channels his inner Tom Cruise from Risky Business as he slides across the floor in front of Priyanka Chopra in a shirt and socks. Kevin Jonas ever-so-sweetly stands outside Danielle Jonas’ room with a boom box over his head – reenacting the iconic scene from the 1989 film, Say Anything. And lastly, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner play Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson from Grease as they participate in the National dance-off at Rydell High School. And who’s the band playing at the competition? The Jonas Brothers themselves!

Check out the video:

Love the goofy ending with Sophie being replaced by another girl next to Joe as she looks on. Trust Joe and her to be such sports about it, right?