The family week in the Bigg Boss house has been high on emotions and  drama, and rightly so. The participants have not seen their family in months and miss home terribly. Shefali Jariwala has been away from husband Parag Tyagi all these days and she finally met him. While their reunion was cute, Parag also had a talk with Asim Riaz about treating his wife properly and gave him news of Himanshi Khurana waiting for him outside the house, making this one of the most talked about episodes.

Among all the noise on Twitter about this, we got a chance to speak to Parag exclusively where he spoke about how fans on Twitter are reacting to the episode.

He said:

Fans are only looking at pointing out the negative bits. They are not focusing on the fact that I took special permission from the show-runners and made sure Asim knows about Himanshi’s breakup and her feelings for him. Right now in the house, they are all like one family and misunderstandings and fights happen everywhere. At the end of the day, I do consider Asim my own and I am even in touch with his brother, Umar. I didn’t like the way he spoke to Shefali and so I had to tell him. How he takes it, we would see later. If his fans, who have known him for a few months can get so angry that I threatened him, how am I supposed to feel about him not treating my wife properly, whom I have loved for the past 10 years?

Ask him about the Twitter war going on about how he chose to hug it out with Paras Chhabra who has also been disrespectful towards Shefali in the past, Parag says that Paras made sure to sit down and sort it out with Shefali.

He shares:

He even made sure to talk to me and apologised to me at least 10 times. Pari (Shefali) also told me he was very embarrassed about his behaviour and so we decided to let it go as we truly believe forgiveness is for the best.

Coming back to his and Asim’s conversation, Parag also tells us that he told Asim that he is a good guy and that if he could inculcate the sensibilities of his brother, Umar Riaz, it will be the best and he will be unstoppable.

We wonder how all the Asim fans are going to react to this. And we cannot wait to see how Shefali’s journey on the show is going to shape up. Because according to Parag, she is 10X times charged up and confident right now after meeting him and is all set to channel her ‘gundi’ self on the show!