If you are someone who watches Indian Idol regularly, you will know of host Aditya Narayan and judge Neha Kakkar share quite the rapport. From him trying to flirt with her to her playing along, it’s something fans have grown fond of. Now, recently, when Udit Narayan and Alka Yagnik guest starred on the show, Neha’s parents too came, which came as a surprise to her as well. Both of parties agreed to Aditya and Neha’s union in marriage, much to Aditya’s excitement. While all this might just be a stint for TRP ratings, fans sure did go gaga!

Aditya’s mother also came on the show as a surprise and spoke about how they would love it if Neha were to become their daughter-in-law, to which Neha also calls her ‘Sasu ma (mother-in-law)’ by mistake.

Watch the clip here:



While all this is something we already saw on the show, Udit Ji recently opened up to Navbharat Times where he spoke about how he really liked Neha and would love it if she were to marry his son.

Here’s what he said:

Neha Kakkar is a very sweet girl. She sings songs very beautifully. I like her very much. Not only me, but people also like her. She has made a name for herself in the industry. I also keep listening to her songs. Both of them (Aditya-Neha) are also pairing up, but the rest is unknown to me. All this news is going on TV, but if they get married, I would love to see a female singer joining my family.

Now, when the father has said it, it’s quite hard to only think of this as a TRP activity, right? What do you think of Aditya and Neha’s jodi?