Only if you were deprived of WiFi, 4G, 3G, 2G or even EDGE, would you have managed to miss the biggest fan festival of 2020 so far. If you still don’t know what we’re talking about, then this blog is for you! Chalo, let’s get straight to the point and fill you in on all those questions you have about the Epic Fam Jam—the biggest fan fest of the year so far hosted by Qyuki Digital (also, MissMalini Trending was the ‘Positivity Partner’ for this event, eeep)! Let’s jump right in.

Where did it happen?

The event took place at Jio Garden in BKC, from 10 AM to about 10 PM (which I think wasn’t enough. The crowd wanted more… in fact, more on that later).

The 5 Creator Camps

This was everything. I cannot explain the vibe inside these tents, but I’m gonna try. So, each camp had a unique theme-one that is an extension to each creator team. So, when I entered Team 07‘s tent, it was kaafi sporty because of the make-believe gym and it also had a lot of glamourous photo opps, ’cause, obvio, they’re stars yaar. Jannat Zubair’s tent was dainty, just like her. There were fresh flowers, fuzzy pink rugs and cute photo opps. Siddharth Nigam & Avneet Kaur‘s tent was like entering the world of Jasmine and Aladdin. Awez Darbar and Nagma Mirajkar are basically spectacular performers, so their tent consisted of were disco balls, a stage and of course, a mic prop too. No points for guessing what Teen Tigada‘s tent looked like. Yes, it was as filmy, as filmy gets. Not only were these tents super detailed, but they were also the highlight of the event. There were loooong lines outside each of these tents of paying fans who wanted to spend 2 minutes (on the timer) with their favourite creators. There was a point when fans got emotional after meeting them. It could get pretty overwhelming, no?

The Interactive & Hilarious Hosts

There was always something going on at the Epic Fam Jam. During the afternoon, the spontaneous, RJ Rohini, hosted some really fun performances. She was super interactive and even got many fans on stage to participate in the performances. And the evening performances were hosted by the funny, spunky and forever funny, Sahil Khattar. Man, we can never get enough of his bindaas humour. Keep it comin‘, Sahil!

Sahil Khattar At The Epic Fam Jam
Sahil Khattar At The Epic Fam Jam

The Unlimited Photo Opportunities

Jio Garden was loaded with so many photo opps that we couldn’t get enough of. Instagram had some fun props representing their new initiative: Born On Instagram. Other than that, there was a fun cover cut-out of the Rolling Stone magazine, the Epic Fam Jam photo backdrop and of course, our very own, giant pink MissMalini Trending hashtag (from our launch party, remember?).

Rizxtar At The Epic Fam Jam
Rizxtar At The Epic Fam Jam

Food, Drinks And Merch

No festival is complete without amaze food, some iced coolers to beat the heat and official merchandise. There were many food stalls, but our personal favourite was the Bombay Food Truck (if you ever get a chance to eat here, try the keema pav). There were also stalls you could buy official Epic Fam Jam merch from. We bought some too, OBVIO!

Bombay Food Truck At The Epic Fam Jam
Bombay Food Truck At The Epic Fam Jam

Red Carpet

The red carpet was on fire all because of the sensational, Audrey D’Silva. She was just fab and knew exactly what to ask each influencer. Content creators like Anam Darbar, Ssunny Chopra, Faby, Shanaya and Masroor walked the red carpet. Our fave moment was when Adnaan Shaikh from Team 07 proposed to her right there on the red carpet!

Audrey D'Silva, Mr. Faisu, Faiz And Adnaan At The Epic Fam Jam
Audrey D’Silva, Mr. Faisu, Faiz And Adnaan At The Epic Fam Jam

Remarkable Performances

Another important factor that could determine the success of a festival, are the performances. Hai na? But let me tell you, I cannot decide which act was the best at the Epic Fam Jam. Team 07, Teen Tigada, Jannat Zubair, Sid & Avneet, Awez & Nagma, Stebbin Ben, Ritu Agarwal, Shayan Siddique, Suyyash Rai, Eshan Masih, Shraddha Sharma, Ramji Gulati and so many more stars set the stage on fire with their performances.

Jannat Zubair At The Epic Fam Jam
Jannat Zubair At The Epic Fam Jam


And if all of this wasn’t enough, let me tell you about the EPIC after-party that was held at a secret location (read China House, Grand Hyatt) right after the event. So, everyone went home post their performances, glammed up, and reached the venue. I’ve personally never attended a party with this much swag. There was amazing music, unlimited draaaanks, and a whole lot of dancing! Our #BossLady, Malini Agarwal, shook a leg with Team 07 and many other content creators at this after-party.

Yeah, yeah, it legit was a one-of-its-kind fan festival that brought fans and creators together. I genuinely didn’t want this party to end, just like the other 4000 odd fans who were there with me. But hey, let’s look at the bright side, we’ve got a whole lot of pictures and videos from the event. So, If you want to know more about the Epic Fam Jam, follow @missmalinitrending to keep yourself updated!