Bigg Boss 13: Paras Chhabra Confirms That He Will End His Relationship With Akanksha Puri

Shubanka Sridhar , 21 Jan 2020

The Bigg Boss house has seen many relationships blossom in the course of the show – both friendships and romantic relationships. Some of them have even gone on to get married, like Prince Narula and Yuvika Chaudhary. On the flip side, it sometimes leads to a not-very-happy situation too, where there have been people who have broken up during the show. One such person is Paras Chhabra, who confessed in the latest episode of the show that he will break up with his girlfriend Akanksha Puri post the show.

Paras has been seen hanging out a lot and spending time with Mahira Sharma during his time on the show, and the other contestants have also noticed their budding chemistry. In a conversation with Shefali Jariwala, Paras agrees that he needs to provide his girlfriend Akanksha some sort of closure and that he has decided to move on from the relationship.

He even went on to say that after following the show, Akanksha should understand his feelings about their relationship and make a decision herself. He said, “After seeing so much, she should herself move on.” Mahira came in here and gave her two cents by saying that if a girl is hurt, then it is not right.

She said:

I don’t care what people say about this, but if a girl outside the house is feeling bad about it, then stop it.

Now, Paras had no chill when it came to this and lashed out at the statement asking if he should now play in Bigg Boss according to someone whom he doesn’t want to stay with.

Now, we need to see what Akanksha has to say to this.

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