We have all watched a plethora of films and series based on the military – both Indian and international. But as much as my observation goes, it’s about the heroes who protect the country that are, more often than not, men. How often do we see a story dedicated to a woman who is equally brave and brilliant? ALTBalaji‘s Code M is one show that has a brave and brilliant female lead take on the culprits in the system in order to crack the code to justice.

Starring Jennifer Winget in the lead role as a military lawyer, Major Monica Mehra, our hero is all things beautiful, determined and badass. The series begins when she is called on to investigate an encounter case where two militant suspects are killed and an Army officer is unfortunately assassinated. But this comes at the cost of dealing with chauvinistic Army men with hidden agendas and other roadblocks before she gets to the real culprit. When it comes to Jennifer, it’s amazing how she looks lovely as the happy bride-to-be one moment and the next moment, she teaches a drunk man a lesson by tackling a gun from his hand and getting him down on his knees, still looking as lovely. That’s an introductory scene which gets us intrigued right away! For her debut web show, her act has a beautiful balance that is nuanced yet power-packed. Nuanced when she’s dealing with her fears and doubts while solving the case and power-packed when it comes to chasing her suspects down and kicking their asses like an absolute boss woman.

The supporting cast makes this show a winner. Rajat Kapoor plays Colonel Suryaveer Chauhan, who portrays the role of the stern officer with all honesty. Also, can I just add that he could pass off as a real colonel and no one would know? Tanuj Virwani as Angad Sandhu, the legal counsel that the Army men employ (also Monica’s ex-boyfriend), is a great fit for his part and delivers a refined performance. And boy, does he look good on screen! We get to see glimpses of his relationship with Monica through some romantic flashback sequences that are rather sweet. When it comes to the supporting characters, Aalekh Kapoor & Keshav Sadhna as Major Shakti & Major Gaurav respectively, are great at playing their characters with shades of grey and help in building the suspense of the plot.

But what really keeps you hooked to the show is its fast-paced and crisp screenplay that’ll have you on the edge of your seat. The action sequences and investigations with some twists, turns and revelations are such that you can’t help but stick on to find the answers. The show also touches upon some rather noteworthy issues like caste and homosexuality which add layers to the story. Kudos to the director, Akshay Choubey, for bringing in the seriousness of a military show while adding the much-needed entertainment to make it one binge-worthy watch!

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