The digital world is booming and every single content creator has something unique to offer. Whether it’s fashion, food, travel, music, or comedy, each personality is different and caters to a different audience. Speaking of comedy, our very own Rickshawali has dropped some v big news. You don’t have to guess, ’cause we’re here to break it to you. So, *drumroll please* Rickshawali has given up her username and will now be going by her real name, Anisha Dixit. Now, obviously, we wanted to know all the deets, so we showered her with some questions. Here’s what she told us…

Firstly, when did you think of the name change?

I have been thinking about changing my brand name for over 6 months now but didn’t know when it would be a right time and if I had the guts to do so.

What’s the reason behind it?

I have changed my name because I felt that the new audience visiting my channel thought Rickshawali was a character and weren’t able to connect to me personally.

Why have you done it now?

Because it’s 2020 depicts the new me and also my resolution and plans for this year are to become more open and honest! This is why I also launched a second YouTube channel under the name ‘Simply Anisha Dixit’.

What are your future plans? Anything specific your fans can expect from you?

A lot of digital content bombs will be dropped on my channel this year and what I mean by that is, I will be talking about stuff I have never spoken up about in the history of my channel.

Will the content be different? If so, how?

On my main channel, which is Anisha Dixit now, the content will remain the same which means comedy sketches.
However, on the other channel, I will be uploading more personal content like fashion, lifestyle, motivation, inspiration and I will also be posting some travel vlogs and a tonne of personal content too.

What’s the end goal for this?

To become more personal with my audience.

We have seen some of the world’s best creators like Lily Singh change their page name too. Were they your inspiration?

Lily Singh has always been at the forefront of everything and has paved the way for many YT creators like me. And yes, she definitely has inspired me somewhere.

Who all have helped you and supported you through this decision?

My entire team and agency supported this and on top of that, the entire YouTube community helped me spread the word online which was very very kind of them and I am extremely grateful to them for that. YouTubers like Ashish Chanchlani, Technical Guruji, Carry Minati, Mumbiker Nikhil & Shanice, Gaurav Taneja & Ritu Rathee, Nakuul Mehta and many more helped me spread the word online.

Any message for your fans?

I want to thank all my fans for helping me spread the word about my name change as well as supporting me on social media! I cannot thank you enough guys and I am so so grateful to have you guys in my life! I have learnt a lot as Rickshawali and it will always be a part of me. Now let’s continue this journey with Anisha Dixit and I hope my fans will continue to support me as much ♥👊

Anisha Dixit is such a star and we definitely support her move. We’re sure her fans are on board, in fact, are excited to turn the new page of her journey.

ICYMI, here’s her channel, check it out!

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