Video: Richa Chaddha Offers Free Hugs To People On The Street On National Hug Day

Shubanka Sridhar , 22 Jan 2020

Richa Chaddha is always one to be vocal about the things that are close to her heart, and when it comes to acting on what she believes in, we can trust her to not disappoint! On National Hug Day yesterday, Richa took to the streets to offer people a free hug and looks like she had the loveliest time just experiencing all that warmth and affection from absolute strangers!

For a Bollywood star to get down on the road and decide to stand and distribute free hugs is not a small feat, and Richa’s all about keeping it real and spreading the love. In the video, she is seen reaching the location along with two-three of her friends who helped shoot the video. Seeing her stand there, a few people come and approach her and are greeted with a warm hug. The instant happiness and smile in their faces tells us how important this social experiment is.

Watch the video here:

Now, our favourite is definitely the granny in the red saree who goes on to give Richa a sweet peck on the cheek and even gives her friend who is operating the camera a hug. What a cutie, no? So nice to see how ready people are to give and receive love, just that we don’t do it as often.

What a great initiative, Richa! More power to you.

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