Say what you will, but I personally think piercings are kinda rad. They add a certain level of cool-ness to your…er, well, ear (?) and make you look fierce—like you can take on just about anything that gets thrown your way. Yes? No? Anyway, I’m always adding the ones I see on my explore page as inspo to my saved folder on IG for my next “adventurous” days.

But if, like me, you’re building your ear stack and/or interested to get your ears pierced for the first time, you should definitely start here. Below are a couple of really cool and statement piercing spots you can use as inspiration for the future.

1. Going from big to small

2. Add some chains to the mix

3. Or dangling ones

4. Include a few quirky ones, like this snake stud

5. Septum piercings are painful but look very cool

6. As do helix piercings

7. You can even double it up and mix and match them

8. Or keep it simple with the dangles at the bottom and the studs at the top

Which one are you gravitating towards? I know I want them all!

Comment below and tell me your fave.