We constantly talk about how innovative content creators are, be it from any genre. One of the most interesting genres is travel, don’t you agree? Now, travelling to a new and unexplored destination is interesting anyway, but some creators make it so intriguing, that it makes us want to book tickets STAT! This brings us to one of our fave and the country’s biggest travel vlogger couple, Gaurav Taneja (a.k.a the Flying Beast) and Ritu Rathee. We thought, how about on National Tourism Day, we take you through a very captivating experience the couple had and the thought behind it.

A little bit about Gaurav & Ritu

Their story is so inspiring because they’re both pilots turned content creators. Their channel crossed many milestones in the past like crossing 3 million YouTube subscribers in just two years! Wowza! These two constantly give us major travel FOMO, but recently, they’ve been travelling within the country to explore some really beautiful and unexplored cities in India.

Their recent travel escapades

The couple started their journey by flying down to Meghalaya, where the CM of the state showed love by retweeting his post. After that, the couple travelled to Gujarat, to witness the Rann Utsav. This is a festival of Kutch and usually, families travel from all over to visit the White Rann in all its beauty under a full moon. The festival consists of music, food and dance and is on from 28th October 2019 to 12th February 2020. But it was even more exciting for the couple as they got VIP access to PM Narendra Modi‘s tent. In fact, if you’d want to check out their experience, head to their vlog.

The idea behind travelling locally

Gaurav and Ritu are pilots and hence, they’ve always been fond of exploring new destinations. On being asked us why he wants to now promote tourism in India, Gaurav said,

Promoting tourism in India is one of my biggest goals. Most people prefer to travel to places abroad when it comes to planning a vacation but I am definitely one of those people who love exploring India. Tourism is absolutely beneficial for the economy as it creates a parallel source of livelihood for the locals as well. With such diversity in our own country, one can learn a lot about different cultures, traditions, food palates, and history.

Ritu, too, shared her heartfelt experience with us. She said,

It’s amazing how many places haven’t yet been uncovered in our own country. Gaurav and I have met the sweetest people belonging to different cultures speaking different languages across the nation. On a recent trip to Gujarat for the Rann Utsav, we visited a small village where the women sew their own wedding attire, I’ve never seen anything like it.

We truly agree with them about how beautiful our country is, and can’t wait to see what’s in store for us on their channel and where they’be off to next. Because, when we watch their vlogs, we don’t only witness them visit a destination, but we feel like we’re a part of the journey they’re about to embark.

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