‘Tis the season for Aquarians all around the world and let me break it to you: I’m an Aquarian too! While most of us are known to be free-spirited and eccentric, we all also have a passionate side to us (in relationships as well as in life!). As an almost 23-year-old girl, I wanted to commemorate the start of 2020 with a tattoo that would mean a lot to me. And what better than one that describes me the most: my zodiac sign?! Here are some tattoo ideas for all you Aquarians out there:

1. The Waterbearer Sign

2. The Wave Tattoo

3. The Triple Hearts Tattoo

4. The Aquarius Constellation Tattoo

5. This Fish & Floral Tattoo


6. This Uranus & Aquarius Tattoo

7. This Watercolour Wave Tattoo

What tattoo will you get?

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