How To Take Product Photos On Instagram From The Pros

Natasha Patel , 30 Jan 2020

If I’m being completely honest, I really do live for a great Instagram picture. You know, where the lighting is perfect, the colours are fully in sync and the content really is a whole “vibe”. Yeah, of course, you know those kinds of pictures because we see them all the time on our IG feed from our coolest IG influencers!

So, today, whether you’re a content creator, consumer, distant watcher or just someone who’s into taking really good pictures of what’s in front of you, I’ve rounded up a couple of aesthetically pleasing pictures you can take for your IG feed, just like the pros do!

1. How to show off those new pair of sunglasses

Product: sunglasses
Process: if the rim and shape isn’t too interesting, turn it around and hold on the glasses from the other side

2. How to sport that new handbag

Product: handbag
Process: show a little bit of your face and body but clutch the bag in a stylised fashion

3. How to make your beauty creams really stand out

Product: beauty products
Process: play with colour jars and textures by adding them into the mix

4. How to show off your vast wardrobe accessories

Product: accessories
Process: arrange your products neatly and with a de-cluttered background take a wide picture of the items

5. How to take your new stack collection

Product: earrings
Process: choose either silver or gold hardware and stack your pierced ears with a mix of earrings and take a selfie

6. How to get all eyes on your new hair colour

Product: hair colour
Process: create movement with your hair, whether a flip or have your hand glide through the freshly done colour

7. How to show off your new shoes

Product: shoes
Process: place the shoes near a window and with the shadow play you’ll achieve a bright and dark natural contrast

8. How to take a drool-worthy picture of your breakfast

Product: food
Process: place your food on a table with a clean surface & add a personal touch by featuring your sunglasses

9. How to take a cute hair accessory photo

Product: a pretty hair clip
Process: ask a friend to take a picture for you against a plain wall for the accessory to stand out

10. How to take a close-up shot of your manicure

Product: a mani
Process: hold on to your sweatshirt or t-shirt sleeve to give it a cool-girl feel

How would you take your pictures?

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