Being in love is great. But you know what’s not great? Being single around Valentine’s Day. It’s like the universe’s way of telling you to put on something other than pyjamas, get out of your comfy home and find yourself a date. Regardless, it is super important to actually thrive while being single. Singlehood is not permanent, (duh!) and hence why not bask in it while you can?

But all this basking and thriving can be done after February 14th; because this year as a single gal, I plan to order take out, put on Netflix and binge-watch some good ol’ Anti-Valentines Day movies! Here are the top 7 movies that will make the cut:

1. Blue Valentine

Say goodbye to Ryan Gosling’s character from The Notebook and say hello to Dean. In the midsts of a breakup, a couple deals with loss and hurt.

2. The War Of The Roses

A couple is in the middle of getting a divorce, and things turn ugly when both want the house they live in. A testament to the classics from the 80s, if you ask me.

3. Kramer vs Kramer

When Meryl Streep runs out on her husband and kids, things are looking down for them for a while. Despite their efforts, will she come back, and will it be too late? A gutting story depicting marriage in all its ugliest forms.

4. The First Wives Club

An empowering movie about three women who come together when their husbands leave them for younger women. A film celebrating solidarity in all ways, this is perfect for those reeling from heartbreak.

5. How To Be Single

This 2016 classic about navigating through your 20s as a newly single woman resonates hard with me! With her new co-worker as her freewheeling guide to New York City and men, freshly single Alice has to figure out what she truly wants in life and love.

6. Someone Great

Fun fact: this was the first movie I watched right after my last breakup, bawling into a pillow half of the time. But by the end, the bravery and elegance of Gina Rodriguez‘s character as she navigated through some hard post-breakup feelz, gave me the courage to figure my life out too. I am not saying this movie will change your life, but it will.

7. Gone Girl

Pushing the psycho-female stereotype to the extreme is this movie. When Nick Dunne is accused of being behind his wife, Amy’s disappearance, he couldn’t be more innocent. A compelling yet unreliable narrative in the form of  Amy‘s diary takes the audience into how they first met and what exactly went down between these lovers…

Which of these movies are you ready to watch on Valentine’s Day?

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