The Top 9 Artists I'm Looking Forward To At Vh1 Supersonic 2020

Dhruvi Modi , 30 Jan 2020
Vh1 Supersonic Lineup
Vh1 Supersonic Lineup

My favourite thing about music festivals (apart from the drinkin’ and dancin’) has to be seeing my favourite stars live. That’s a no-brainer! When Vh1 announced their annual Vh1 Supersonic festival, I knew I had to go! This year they have 90+ artists and 6 stages focusing on EDM, live music, reggae and techno throughout the three-day festival. This festival is one you absolutely cannot miss. Whether you’re a music enthusiast or someone just getting into it, there is something for everyone!

So, when Vh1 Supersonic released their exciting line-up, I scrutinised the list and shortlisted those that, in particular, I am very psyched to see. Here are the top 9 artists that will make this Vh1 Supersonic festival one for the books:

1. Diplo

Diplo, I repeat, Diplo will be at the 3-day festival and I. Can’t. Keep. Calm. Ever since Close To Me came out, I’ve been obsessively listening to him. His latest EP California, released in early 2018, is his first work of art in five years as a solo artist and this is surely an album all his fans cannot wait to hear at Vh1 Supersonic.

2. Illenium

The American musician released his latest album Ascend in August 2019, and it’s been on loop ever since. The 29-year-old artist recently performed at the X Games Aspen and if that is any indication of the upcoming festival, I’m sold! Takeaway, Good Things Fall Apart, Crashing… (the list could go on!), these are just a few of his hits that I am eager to experience live.

3. Machine Gun Kelly

MGK’s fourth album Hotel Diablo was released on July 5, 2019. The famous rapper’s latest song Glass House ft. Naomi Wild is a legendary song! Moreover, his latest upbeat song is called ‘why are you here‘ and was out in late December 2019, so this means we’ll get to hear it live at Vh1 Supersonic! If his live performance is just as steamy and adrenaline-driven as his music and music videos, we’re in for something good!

4. Prateek Kuhad

India’s beloved Prateek Kuhad will be there as well! (And, ever since Barack Obama listed him as one of his 2019 favourites, I can’t get enough of his music!) Sway along to the tunes of cold/mess and 100 words (two of my favs!) as he headlines on Friday.


Chon is a rock band from California, and their music is a dream come true for all of you who love a good rock song! While most of their music is instrumental, they do have a few songs that feature vocals. Chon released their third self-titled album on June 7th, 2019. Some of their songs that we can expect to listen to include: Waterslide, Splash, Pitch Dark.

6. Z-Stars

A global group of K-Pop singers, this band consists of members from various Asian countries. From Japan to the Philippines, their music is just as unique as their band. For all those who are looking for new K-Pop sensations, this is it! Even if you’re not into K-Pop, this is your chance to familiarise yourself with it. Our Galaxy and Streets of Gold are some of the hit songs that have made it on radio, and soon in your favourite playlist as well!

7. Fever 333

The name of this punk rock band is a reference to the mission to spread support for ‘community, charity and change’. The rock band is famous for their songs of societal outrage and rebellion. Burn It, One Of Us and Made An America speak volumes about the state of the government and society as a whole today. And such a positive message wrapped up in a rock song, yes, please!

8. Sampa The Great

The young Zambian-Australian singer and songwriter is what would happen if Chance The Rapper and Nicki Minaj had a baby. She uses her music as a means to celebrate being African. Her excellent songwriting skills are portrayed through the lyrics of some of her famous hits such as Final Form and OMG that we can expect to hear at Vh1 Supersonic!

9. Divine

Last but definitely not the least, the one and only Divine is going to be performing at Vh1 Supersonic. After his rise to fame via the song Mere Gully Mein featuring fellow Mumbai rapper, Naezy, his songs continued to inspire millions of Indians to rap as well. He will be playing his latest album, Kohinoor at the festival, so gear up!

So, if you haven’t already bought your tickets, what are you waiting for? Click here to get them now!

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