While some say women can’t be best friends, we beg to differ. At MissMalini, all of us are one big family. We look out for one another, help each other out when needed and are basically cheerleaders for each other. Another such duo that caught our attention, is Prajakta Koli a.k.a Mostly Sane and Mithila Palkar. They met years ago and have been calling each other “wifey” ever since. How cute is that? Well, we really think they’re adorbs and wanted to share some really “aww“-worthy moments both of them have been posting ever since they met. If you’re as close to your BFF as these two are with each other, know that you’re winning at life. So, let’s show you the cute moments of these lovelies that they’ve been posting! Scroll to see…

1. The time they passed out on each other (as all BFFs do)

2. When Bhuvan Bam joined the madness

3. When Prajakta complimented Mithila in a really clever way

4. When Mallika Dua couldn’t resist joining the goss sesh

5. When the two BFFs show each other off

6. And PDA comes naturally

7. Also, let’s just admit, both are basically GORG

8. You know what they say: ‘Friends who travel together…’

9. Slay together!

Their chemistry is unbeatable, and we wish to have such BFFs in our lives too. Aren’t they just the cutest?

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