Priyanka Chopra‘s Grammy appearance made for quite the topic of discussion, given it was one gorgeous, yet risqè outfit. While we know the rockstar PC is when it comes to carrying off almost anything with èlan, people did have a lot to say about her custom-made Ralph and Russo gown with a plunging neckline. But what do we care what the others have to say when the mothership has said that she loved the dress, right?

When asked about the controversy surrounding her dress, Madhu Chopra says that she is glad it happened as it made Priyanka stronger. During a conversation at the sidelines of an event, Madhu Chopra spoke about how she loved Priyanka in the dress.

She said:

She showed me the sample before she wore, I thought it was a little risqué but she carried it well and she was one of the best dressed. I am happy about that.

About the controversy, she added:

I am glad it happened because I feel it made her stronger. She lives life on her own terms as long as she is not harming or hurting anybody. It’s her body she can do what she wants, and she has a beautiful one too. I sent her a saying that says ‘It’s my life’. Whose life am I living, yours or mine? I can do what I want, right? I think that is the philosophy that everybody should follow.

Honestly, the confidence PC has to flaunt and own everything she does is what we should be talking about and we are glad mumma Chopra spelt it out for all those who thought otherwise!