Arjun Kapoor has always been super real when it comes to his social media. We are especially fans of his super fun replies for all his friends’ pictures — Shraddha Kapoor’s photo being proof of that! But he is also real in expressing himself in the most honest and heartfelt way possible when it comes to his family, his mother in particular.

Arjun lost his mother, Mona Kapoor, to cancer in 2012, right before his debut in Ishaqzaade. He and his sister, Anshula Kapoor have been super strong through it all. But times like birthdays and anniversaries is when they get vulnerable and revisit their memories with their mom. Arjun dedicated a post for his mother’s birthday today, where he shared a picture from her last birthday she celebrated with the entire family. He wrote about how he tries to remain strong but has it hard.

Here’s what he wrote:

Happy birthday Mom Love You. I hope ur smiling right now whenever you are… this picture was the last birthday we had together & I just assumed we would have many more… it’s selfish to say I miss you all the time but I really do ya… I try & be strong cause that’s the way society expected me to be at the age of 25 when I lost you forever… they all expect u to figure it all out with ur life taken away from you I was supposed to sorted & what not… but I’m not strong enough on most days… I just ride it out… anyway as usual I sit and complain & trouble u with my non sense… happy birthday Mom wish we had more time together…. PS – Anshula Kapoor’s started Fan Kind & she’s kicking ass just like you did….

This is such a heartfelt and super real post, it’s almost like we got an in into his conversation with his mom, and oh can we see the love and bond they shared! More power and lots of love and hugs Arjun and Anshula, and thank you for reminding us to value and cherish each moment with our loved ones.