Everyone nowadays prefers snackable, quick content that can be consumed within minutes. If it’s between lunch breaks, on the way to work or even after getting home and night, it’s gotta be short! One such app that’s really gained popularity over the years, is Snapchat!

We’ve always been a fan of Snapchat and now, they’ve upped their game by launching Bitmoji TV! Snapchat has always been the platform that brings friends closer, and now with the all-new Bitmoji TV and other extensions like Snapchat games and the 3D Bitmoji AR Lens experiences, we’re sure to be even more hooked to the platform now. So, let us tell you more about Bitmoji TV.

What is Bitmoji TV?

This is basically a TV show that was launched on 1st February 2020 on Snapchat itself. It casts the friend you’ve snapped with most recently as the co-stars on every episode of the show with you. Each season features 10 episodes at an average length of 3 minutes each! A new episode airs every Saturday morning on the ‘Discover Feed‘ to Snapchat users worldwide.

And here’s why we love it!

It’s a fun way to engage with friends and a new kind of entertainment we’re totally on board for. It’s not only relatable but is also a new way to consume TV content, no?

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