3 Types Of Hair Accessories I Can’t Get Enough Of

3 Types Of Hair Accessories I Can’t Get Enough Of

Eesha Kokane
Hair Accessories

I’ve always thought that hair accessories are kind of like spices but for your hair. Want to glam up your regular ol’  ponytail? Throw in a couple of pretty hair clips! Got greasy roots that no amount of dry shampoo can cure? Cover it up with a gorgeous hairband, and you’re good to go. Hair accessories have always been in style, and since the past few years, they’re all the rage! So without any further ado, here are a few of my favourite types:

1. Studded Hairbands

IMHO, hairbands are the best way to deal with an oily scalp. On days when I want to try out a cute hairstyle, but my hair looks greasy, I throw on a hairband, and my work is done. Studded hairbands are especially my favourites because they can take any hairstyle to the next level and they always look chic and effortless.

2. Hair Barrettes

The easiest way to elevate a simple hairstyle is to add a couple of gorgeous hair barrettes. Since the past year or two, everyone seems to be obsessed with this hair accessory, and I’m all for it. I think the cutest way to wear them is to clip the sides fo your hair. They even look great when you pin a few of them on top of your ponytail.

3. Scrunchies

This 80’s hair accessory has made such a popular comeback and how! From VSCO girls to Lara Jean from To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before; everyone seems to be loving them. If a hair accessory can make wearing a simple ponytail seem chic, then it deserves a lot of credit now, doesn’t it? I love scrunchies, and I think I will for a long time.

Which one of these hair accessories is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below.

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